About us


We see our work as a way to impact the world, a way to move people and to change how we live our lives : a way to make a difference.

We have never been particularly strong with words, so we took to shaping space and light to express what we could not through written language. This is even more relevant when designing exhibitions. An exhibition is the chance to touch people in their very core, to create something which resonates deep within each and every person.

By shaping immersive, total experiences for the visitors, we have the opportunity to make them feel directly what can only be suggested through words.

Scénographie d'exposition
Scénographie d'exposition

Every individual is different, and no two subjects are alike.

To make sure that our creations fit our clients’ unique personalities, we take the time to get to know them and to understand their specific needs. We use this knowledge to design tailor-made spaces and exhibitions, putting lighting, materials and scenography exclusively at the service of the client and subject matter.

For us, every project is the chance to design a unique space, a singular attempt to underline and reinforce the scientific or artisitic ideas at play.


Our goal is to bring your project to life, be it your dream home, a new coworking space, or the scenography for your next exhibition.

From the first sketches to the finishing touches, we work with you every step of the way, making sure that each detail fits your vision. We feel comfortable working on every level, from redesigning your living room to collaborating with international agencies on major projects.

No matter how crazy they might seem, we want to hear about your ideas and help you to turn them into reality.

Scénographie d'exposition

Louis Luyten’s career started in Brussels, where he studied interior architecture at Master’s level, majoring in scenography at the notorious Saint-Luc école supérieure des arts. Already in his final year, Louis was selected to design the scenography for the Museum of Capitalism in Brussels.

His passion for learning then led him to Paris, for further training in exhibition design, and to Lyon for an in-depth course in interior lighting.

Since then, he has worked on various scenography and interior design projects all over Europe, either under his own name or in collaboration with other agencies, while devoting himself to local art festivals such as the KiKK festival, the Garages Numériques or Nuit Blanche.