This large-scale permanent exhibition is housed at the Eastman building in the Leopold park, Brussels. The museum embraces local and national singularities, while aiming to find the binding factors in the common history of the European continent and its inhabitants.

Tempora, the team responsible for the work site, invited me to collaborate on the production and set-up of the exhibition. The time remaining before the due date was divided up in three smaller missions.
The on-site technical drawings and the quantification of production elements had to be done first.
Then, I played the contact point between the technical coordinator, curators, and base makers to deal with one of the many areas of the museum.
The last mission of the invitation ended with the art-handling and morphological basing of these objects.

The Spanish agency Acciona designed the scenography.

Place : The House of European History – Belgium

Opening : May 2017

Type : Permanent

Client : Tempora